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Defense of the family conference: aka Extremist Propaganda

January 31, 2011

Gay Family

Not only is it blasphemous to be in a same-sex marriage (because we can’t pro-create) but heterosexuals who either don’t marry, provide as a single parent, or even worse, marry and don’t have children will be the downfall of civilization.  A brief thought though.. Given the paradigm sold below, wouldn’t Jesus be considered anti-family?  After all, he didn’t marry, and he didn’t pro-create… 

Chicken Little, where are you when we need you!

With single-parent families on the rise, a lower birth rate and more people either putting off marriage or deciding not to marry at all, some wonder what impact, if any, this kind of trend has on society.

Paul Kerry, a BYU history professor, explained that not only was this kind of world foretold decades ago, but that civilizations in the past have gone through a similar demise of the family, right before collapsing.

Kerry focused on the writings of Carle Zimmerman who wrote “Family and Civilization.” In the book, Zimmerman, a sociologist and professor at Harvard, tracks the family over centuries and argues that “familism” or the supporting of families by civilizations is the stabilizing force of societies, that when family values fail, so does society.

via Defense of the family conference: familial foundations | Deseret News.

No doubt sects of the Mormon’s have no issue with this, it’s impossible to have a single parent household when you have so many sister wives…