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AFA’s Brian Fischer- Homosexuality and Religious Freedom are Mutually Exclusive

January 31, 2011


As my Mama always said, it’s better to keep your mouth shut and let people think you’re stupid, than open your mouth and prove them right.  However, that’s exactly what Mr. Brian Fischer of the AFA did today.

Brian Fischer in his latest rant claims that people must choose between religious liberty and homosexuality.  Just to be clear, the two are not mutually exclusive.  Religious Liberty and homosexuality are at no greater odds than religious liberty and eating fish on Friday! (For those of you in Utah, fish on Friday is a reference to a long Catholic tradition of not eating meat on Fridays).

 As always, Brian is a master at spinning words and phrases for his own purpose.  Here’s a few examples of his statements and how he manipulates them:

He talks about Chick-fil-a providing food for a ‘pro-marriage’ event.  He slightly mentions that the gays are mad because they held a pro-marriage rally.  What he barely mentions is that the pro-marriage rally was specifically about protesting gay marriage.  It wasn’t an innocent celebration of all marriages, but a protest AGAINST gay marriage under the guise of a ‘pro-marriage’ rally.

He goes on to say that gays don’t want diversity or freedom of speech or tolerance.  Hey says that if gays were about diversity, then they would accept people against homosexuality and gay marriage. That’s the equivalent of saying African-American’s should accept the KKK for their diversity!

He goes on to say that homosexual activists (such as myself) are about punishing and marginalizing and silencing opposition.  His argument is based on Indiana University’s decision to expel Chick-fil-a.  Because the university chose to not renew space to that organization based on their bigotry, he claims IU and the homosexual activists are punishing them for their ‘diversity’.

Finally, Mr. Brian claims that the right to deny 10% of the American population their equal rights is acceptable because it promotes diversity, multiculturalism, freedom of association, freedom of association and freedom of speech.

Once again, Brian tries to mainstream his bigotry by trying to change the story and say that bigotry is everything that it isn’t.

Well Mr. Brian, the homosexual agenda is about equal rights and fairness.  No gay is asking that you change your opinion, we’re asking the state to treat us all fairly.  You can go on and remain a bigot, just don’t infringe upon my rights while you spew your hate.

One after thought of his rant about IU.  Perhaps IU was celebrating diversity by holding a believe that if you don’t accept homosexuality they don’t want anything to do with you… (using Brian’s logic)

Enjoy the video…

Now that you’ve had an opportunity to listen to Mr. Brian’s opinion, I’d like to clarify a few terms that Mr. Brian tries to twist and sell his hatred and bigotry as politically correct.  Brian says that gays accepted and practiced the following terms then they should accept the anti-gay movement.  I’d like to clear up the importance of these terms for Brian:

 diversity: Celebrating diversity is celebrating what makes people different, not what makes them hate multiculturalism: is the celebration of different cultures, not the celebration of bigotry

freedom of speech: You’re free to speak your mind in this country, but not speak hate.  There’s a difference between having an opinion and developing pseudo-science to perpetuate lies, stereotypes and fear.   Fearmongering is not freedom of speech.