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Ted Haggard’s Testament

January 27, 2011

Ted Haggard


GQ Magazine recently published an interview article with Ted Haggard, the Pastor who was outed four years ago by his drug dealing  massage with a happy ending escort.   In the article Ted bares his heart and his soul and rises from the fiasco a wiser more humble man.  Ted has lost his church, was temporarily banned from Colorado (He lives in Colorado Springs) and publically humiliated when the news broke about his addiction and relations.

The article tosses in the requisite doubt about Ted’s sexuality:

“We never had sex sex,” he says, glancing at the car to make sure that Elliott and Jonathan are asleep. “I bought drugs and a massage from him, and he masturbated me at the end of it. That’s it.”

via The Last Temptation of Ted: Newsmakers: GQ.

 More importantly it offers insight into Ted’s revised views on religion, sexuality and people.

“I used to think the church was the light of the world,” Ted says. “But I’ve completely lost my faith in it.”

He says that despite popular perception, he was never a right-wing power broker in the vein of Jerry Falwell. His reported weekly chats with George W. Bush were usually just briefings with low-level White House staff. He was never a homophobe, either, he says, and though he supported a 2006 amendment outlawing gay marriage in Colorado, he was also in favor of a ballot measure that would have extended domestic-partner benefits to same-sex couples.

“You’ve got to understand, Kevin, people are, at their cores, hateful,” he says, rising to stamp out the fire’s embers and go to bed. “I don’t want to believe that, but the facts have prevailed over my idealism.”

via The Last Temptation of Ted: Newsmakers: GQ.

In the end, Ted learned some valuable lessons.  Cheating on your spouse is a bad idea, drugs are a bad idea and just because a man is religious, doesn’t mean he’s a true Christian.

Regardless of whether Ted eventually decides on his sexuality; gay, bi or straight he’s endured what most gays endure when they come out of the closet.  He lost friends, family,faith and he lost his job.  Ted, as you’ve now learned first hand, it’s not an easy process and the process never stops.  Regardless of your sexuality we in the LGBT community live what you’ve experienced. 

Folks, this is a man who deserves compassion from a group who knows what it’s like first hand.  Sure, he probably got what he deserved, but lets leave that judgement up to God and let our humanity shine through.  It’s something his old congregation of Christians couldn’t do, that we can.