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14 Year Old Bullied New Yorker Commits Suicide

January 23, 2011



Another tragic reminder that taunts and bullying have real life-threatening consequences.  Kameron Jacobsen from New York reportedly took his own life because he was taunted and bullied on Facebook about his perceived sexual orientation.  May God rest is soul.

Kameron Jacobsen, a 14-year-old from Orange County, New York, took his own life because of Facebook taunts about his perceived sexual orientation, according to sources.

Fox 5 News reports on the loss of Jacobsen, a freshman at Monroe Woodbury High School in the northern edges of the New York metropolitan area. His death follows another suicide of a junior on the football team less than two weeks ago.

via Suicide Caused by Facebook Taunts? | News | The Advocate.

  1. February 5, 2011 at 12:38 pm

    Love of your fellow man as demonstrated by self sacrifice, lending a helping hand when it’s most needed has long been held as one of the noblest attributes of humanity. It is extolled in the parables of Jesus Christ, but is not the exclusive prerogative of the religious. I am not religious, but I still find stories of teenage suicide utterly heartrending.

    If as a society we were not interested in defending the vulnerable, we would have no health system and no military. Instead we would just tell our fellow countrymen it was their own stupid fault for getting sick, and we would tell them to grow balls and stick up for themselves during an invasion, just as some have said to the young corpse of Kameron Jacobsen.

    Having said this, one of the most important lessons to be learned from the parable of the Good Samaritan is that our duty is not to nanny the victim forever, but to help them to help themselves. This means we have to look after the downtrodden until they’re able to cope, and then equip them with the tools for survival on their own by teaching them how to deal with bullies.

    Telling someone to shut himself off from the outside world on Facebook, while other people have freedom to roam, is exactly analogous to telling a bullied child to go sit in the school library every lunchtime so as to avoid confrontation with gay bashers.

    Gay kids have a far tougher time because at home, they’re often emotionally and physical abused, and commonly rendered homeless by homophobic parents. If they’re unloved at home, hated by their schoolmates, called evil by their church and ignored by education authorities, then it makes complete sense from their point of view to end their life of nothing but misery. Who would want to live in a world of contempt, where your daily experience constantly reminds you that there is no hope?

    If after reading this, you still don’t care, then I’d encourage you think at least of the financial cost of bringing into the world a brand new human being, housing, clothing, feeding and educating them for 14 years, only to never get a penny back in taxes, because they were driven to suicide by a wall of hatred. It makes far more economic sense to have viable citizens leaving our schools, ready to work and start giving back to the community that sustained them for 18 years.

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