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Heretical Westboro Baptist Church Have Departed for Utah…

January 22, 2011

God Hates....

The Westboro Baptist Church, popularized by their shameless protests of fallen soldiers and their slogans “God Hates Fags” and “God Hates America” are

The WBC has planned their visit to protest Grand Jury Prize, Red State Screening at the Sundance Film Festival and West High School in Salt Lake City.  Making the most out of their trip, they’re planning to visit the Jews (Congregation Kol Ami), the Catholics (St. Mark’s Cathedral) and in the spirit of inclusion and diversity, the Mormons (Salt Lake LDS Temple).   I understand that some of these events are local in nature and would absolutely require actual attendance.  However, I’m a bit confused they’re visiting the Mormon Temple in Salt Lake. 

Though not a Mormon myself, if Fred and family would like to understand more about the LDS faith, they don’t need to come all the way to Deseret; The Mormon’s are happy to come to you!  You can reduce your carbon footprint and just request a visit online and the LDS Church is happy to send messengers- Request a Visit from a Missionary.

According to Megan Phelps-Roper (via Twitter), The  Westboro Baptist Church and their family of followers have packed their bags and are headed to Utah. 

Oh, and they’re sending a message:



As much as I appreciate the ‘obey’ message (I do occasionally have a kinky-side) it’s really not my thing.  I can’t speak for the groups you’re coming to protest, but I can speak for those of us here at Release Dorothy!  We welcome your visit!   

Spewing lies and harboring hate can be exhausting.  While here please be sure to spend as much money as you can (the local economy could use the uplift) doing the following:

  • Visit our Tourist sites (There’s always something to see in Utah)
  • Dine at our fantastic restaurants (email us if you need recommendations)
  • Visit a Gift Shop (It’s not every day you can get a shot glass with a beehive stamped on it)
  • Spend a day skiing on the ‘Greatest Snow on Earth’ (You’re already going to visit Park City so why not?)
  • Shop at a plethora of indoor and outdoor malls.  We offer upscale shopping as well as outlet shopping. (Something for Everyone!)

Last but not least, you can’t leave without spending a few hours at “This is the Place” State Park.  There you’ll be able to visit a Pioneer Village and gain a better understanding of the trials and tribulations the Mormon settlers endured in their attempt to escape the hate and bigotry you’ve come to bestow on them again, as well as anyone else who doesn’t subscribe to your lies!

Oh, and one last thing.. Utah is VERY close to Wendover, NV where gambling is legal… if you have a chance, take a scenic drive west of SLC and go have a pull of the slot machines… Perhaps you’ll get lucky and win!  I’m sure gambling isn’t typically the WBC’s style, but I figure if you’re going to go to Hell anyway, why not try to do it in style!

What Would Dorothy Do?


Love you.. Mean it!