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UPDATE: LGBT UT Capitol Rally Instructions

January 20, 2011

Pride In Utah has released some additional details for the “This is Our Voice” Rally this coming Monday 1/24.  See

Below, and BE THERE!

I know I’ve quoted myself on a this a couple times, but I think it’s an accurate statement:

What Would Dorothy Do?


As a LGBT citizen of the State of Utah, if you want equal rights under the law, the freedom to marry the love of your life, adopt a child and not run the risk of being denied housing or being fired for your orientation YOU need to fight for those rights. YOU need to support organizations who support you, YOU need to show our legislators and civic leaders that YOU are not invisible and that YOU will not be discriminated against.–Phil Black


Eric Blogged:

Hey everyone! We’re getting ready over at PRIDEinUtah for the protest at the Capitol Building this coming Monday on the 24th! Below are the instructions of what we’re doing and what to be prepared for.

We’ll be meeting at 5:30pm in the Capitol Rotunda. There’s another protest going on for immigration at 4:30pm outside on the steps, so don’t get confused!

We’ll be holding a good old fashioned sit-in with the message that 70% of our state supports non-discrimination laws and “This Is Our Voice!” Below are some examples of the signs that I’m making, highlighting as many cities in Utah as possible that we are from. If you are making your own signs, please include your city (SLC, Midvale, Draper, Logan, Herriman, Moab etc..) on them or where you have friends/family that are supportive. The more cities we represent the better!

Represent Your City

Sign Example


via PRIDE in Utah.