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Married Dallas Couple Refused Wedding Announcement by Newspaper

January 20, 2011

Mark Reed-Walkup and Dante Walkup


Dallas TX couple Mark Reed-Walkup and Dante Walkup made headlines several months ago when they were married over Skype by an officiant in the District of Columbia.  Unfortunately the court ruled the marriage wasn’t official because they weren’t present.  In December the couple flew to D.C. and tied the knot insuring it’s legality.  Congratulations to the both of you!

After returning to their home in Texas, they paid to have their announcement put into the local newspaper, the Dallas Morning News.  Unfortunately, the newspaper is refusing to publish their paid annnouncement in the Marriage section (it’s reserved for heterosexual couples only) but will put it in the Commitment section.

The newspaper’s decision prompted the couple to file a complaint with the city that the Dallas Morning News is discriminating against gay couples.  Their argument is that Dallas has a city ordinance barring discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.  The couple contends that since the announcements are paid, the newspaper is violating city ordinance by segregating the announcements to a different section of the paper.

via  According to the Dallas Voice