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Iowa Voters Opposed to Impeaching Justices

January 19, 2011

State of Iowa


Despite the rhetoric from Bob Vander Plaats and his band of anti-equality Bible thumping  whores such as Mormon sponsored NOM (National Organization for Marriage) 63% of Iowan’s believe that a court ruling doesn’t meet the standards of impeachment.   It just goes to show that when American’s are truly educated about an issue they make the right decisions.  Unfortunately it’s too late for three judges who were the victims of ruthless hate groups who’s only interests are to further their agenda of anti-gay equality regardless of the long-term damages it causes the great State of Iowa.  After all, once the damage is done, the folks at NOM go home to their HQ in Washington to lobby and destroy another part of the Republic another day.

America this is your wake-up call.  These national right-wing lobbyists are out to further their own agendas, regardless of the damage it causes to your city, county or state.  They couldn’t care less if they’ve damaged an integral part of a states government.  They’ll spend a million dollars of donated or church sponsored money to get their way and leave a trail of political disaster behind.  It’s time that American’s educate themselves on the issues and not listen to 30 second soundbites of what to think…

A majority of Iowa voters are opposed to impeaching the four state Supreme Court justices who were not up for a retention vote in the November elections, according to two statewide polls.

One poll released by the group Justice, Not Politics, which supports the current court system, found that 54 percent of registered voters do not support the recent calls to impeach Chief Justice Mark Cady or Justices David Wiggins, Daryl Hecht or Brent Appel. Thirty-six percent said they favor impeaching the justices.

The poll also found that, after hearing the state constitution’s standard for impeachment – “misdemeanor or malfeasance” – the number of voters who believe a court ruling can be an impeachable decision dropped to 17 percent. Sixty-three percent of voters said a court decision does not meet the standard for impeachment, even if they personally disagree with it.

“Iowa voters reject the reckless calls by Bob Vander Plaats and his allies in the legislature for impeachment, and the entire misguided reasoning behind it,’ said former Democratic Lt. Gov. Sally Pederson, a co-chair of Justice, Not Politics. “Voters understand the importance of an impartial court which upholds the constitution, and say no to impeachment before it does further damage to our state, and to our courts.”

A second poll released last week by Public Policy Polling found that 55 percent of Iowa voters oppose impeachment, while 38 percent support the idea. Sixty percent of registered Republicans favor impeachment.

“Iowans are tired of the outrageous rhetoric and reckless ideas of impeachment,” Corning said in a statement.

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