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HRC and Trevor Project Will Share Milk’s Old Storefront

January 19, 2011

Harvey Milk infront of his Store


HRC has finally been pressured by public opinion to do the right thing and give back to the community in ways it hadn’t originally intended.  They’re sharing their newest property acquistion (Harvey Milk’s Camera Store) with the Trevor Project.  In addition to donating space, they’ll pay for the build out of the call center and donate cash to the organization.

The Human Rights Campaign will share the late Supervisor Harvey Milk’s old camera store with the Trevor Project, a national organization that runs a hotline for LGBT and questioning youth, HRC officials told the Bay Area Reporter.

The HRC store and action center will open its doors Wednesday, January 19 to the public, but will not have its official opening celebration until closer to Harvey Milk Day, which is May 22 in California and coincides with Milk’s birthday.

HRC is offering use of the space rent-free to the Trevor Project and will also donate $10,000 annually to the nonprofit during the duration of its lease at the site. The LGBT rights group is also paying for the build out of the offices in the space where Trevor Project volunteers will be able to man phone lines.

via The Bay Area Reporter Online | Breaking: Trevor Project to share Milk’s old storefront.