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‘Crazy Chris’ Buttars Wants to Take Control of Utah Schools

January 17, 2011

Chris Buttars

‘Crazy Chris’ Buttars is at it again.  Apparently he’s been made the Chair of the Public Education Committee.  As such, he’s filed a resolution to amend the state constitution to give the Legislature over the state education curriculum.  Currently this is the responsibility of the State Board of Education. 

Buttars position is that the Board has allowed liberalism to undermine the education of Utah’s students.  Liberal attitudes such as global warming, gay rights, and teaching children to question absolutes are Socialist values that undermine the belief in God.  He says “This is an entire program to bring America down and I want to tell you right now it’s well entrenched in Utah”.   He says that “We met and when we got done we were all so terrified we couldn’t believe it.  This was right under our nose”.

Well Chris, you figured us out.  We gays and our Homosexual Agenda have been sneaking around and brainwashing your Utah children to think and question everything from Mormonism and it’s absolute stance that if the LDS corporation says it, then it’s the same as God himself says it, as well as be concerned for their environment and oh no and could it be equal rights??  We’re trying to bring America to it’s knees with such radical thought and value.

It’s really not Chris Buttars that concerns me.  Really what scares the Hell out of me is there are actually people who believe him!  The Eagle Forum, which you’ll just have to follow the link and read more about them, and people like Susie Schnell who think “Socialists have found that the best way to change a country is not by revolution” but “teach children the concepts at a very young age so by the time they’re ready to vote they’ll vote for the right candidates.   Hence, Democratic Socialism”.  Susie, I hate to break the news to you, but it’s not Democrats that have been doing this, it’s your Mormon bretheren.  They’ve been teaching school children for years to follow the leader and not think.  Don’t believe me?  Find ONE public school in this state that doesn’t have a Mormon Sanctuary right out side it’s gates.  If nothing else, a reminder to every child that ‘The Church’  is watching you….

via BUTTARS: Buttars to take on school boards – KSTU.