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Benefits Repeal in El Paso on Hold

January 17, 2011

Every time I hear about this I really have to laugh aloud.  The Ordinance intention was to end the benefits for LGBT couples.  It was drafted by local religious leaders and adopted by voters in November.  However, the language was such that it also ended opposite-sex civil union rights as well.  It’s simply one more example of why religion and politics should be kept separate.  Why are local religious leaders drafting legal language, and why are elected officials allowing it?

A federal judge has ordered the city to preserve health benefits for gay and unmarried partners of city employees — and about 200 others — until a lawsuit is decided.

The police union sued the city over an ordinance, passed Nov. 2 by voters, that would have ended city benefits for 19 gay and unmarried partners of employees.

City Attorney Charlie Mc Nabb interpreted the language of the ordinance to mean that about 200 others, including retirees, were not legally city employees and also would lose coverage starting Jan. 1.

The new ordinance was put on hold in December after the police union sued.

via Benefits repeal put on hold – El Paso Times.