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Gay-Marriage Debate Takes Center Stage in Rhode Island

January 16, 2011

Rhode Island


The state of Rhode Island is already shaping up to be the hot-spot for the equal marriage battle this year.  The Governor and legislature are already moving forward with legislation but Mormon NOM as well as the Catholic church are digging deep into their pockets and pulling out cash and rhetoric in hopes they can continue to deny LGBT equal rights.  What you have to keep your eye on is how the Mormon/Catholic sponsored NOM team does their deed.  They change the story whenever possible.  They will attack the lawmakers, the governor, anyone or anything they can to take the public’s eye off the real ball.  Rather than debating the rights of a large LGBT minority group, they’ll attack the governor’s campaign.  Take a look at their commercial.   

As this debate continues, you’ll hear the right-wing hate groups talk about how they’re not homophobes and have no issue with gays they’re simply representing traditional marriage.  I have two issues with this.  First, the hate groups are merely softening their rhetoric to appear more mainstream.  They do have issues with Gays, just spend some time on youtube and you’ll find  FRC suggesting gays should be exported from America.   Second, there’s no such thing as “TRADITIONAL MARRIAGE”.  They’ll claim it’s between a man and a woman and that’s what the Bible tells them.  That’s true.  However, marriage in and of itself is NOT a biblical invention.  Marriage predates the Bible, the Quoran and many other religious texts. As much as these groups would like to think, technically the United States is not a Judeo-Christian nation.  There is nothing in our government defining us in any one religious context and we’re a nation made up of many people and beliefs.  In fact, the arguement could just as easily be made that the native culture of this land didn’t define sexuality in tems of two sexs and in many native american cultures two-spirits and men often married or men who lost their first wife would take a ‘two-spirit’ wife after their loss.  So it’s just as easy to state that ‘traditional marriage’ is clearly in the eye of the beholder.  The tradition of the land is far different than the tradition brought over by Western European immigrants who’s traditions (including genocide) are substantially different than native culture.

PROVIDENCE — The two sides in the same-sex marriage debate went into battle mode on Tuesday.

Opponents launched a $100,000 TV ad campaign that belittles new Governor Chafee as a governor-without-mandate who got “fewer votes than the Cool Moose Party.”

Later the same day, proponents headed to the State House to deliver “over 13,000” postcards supporting same-sex marriage to lawmakers as they arrived for Tuesday’s House and Senate sessions. There, they got conflicting yes-no messages from legislative doormen and others on whether they could personally hand the packets of postcards to the lawmakers, as advocates for other causes do daily with their own fliers.

And this is just the beginning of an annual battle that has intensified this year with the election of a new governor and an openly gay House speaker who, unlike their predecessors, support the years-long drive to legalize “civil marriage” in Rhode Island for same-gender couples, without forcing religious institutions to perform a ceremony that goes against their beliefs.

The local chapter of the National Organization for Marriage provided a preview of its first ad on Monday night, along with a statement reminding legislators of the fate that befell same-sex marriage supporters in other states…

via Gay-marriage sides resume duel in Rhode Island | Rhode Island news | projo.com | The Providence Journal.

Here’s NOM’s latest propaganda being broadcast to the citizens of Rhode Island. 

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