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Iowa Supreme Court Justice to Iowa Legislature: Don’t Fuck with Me Fella’s…

January 15, 2011

The Iowa Supreme Court is taking a stand against political rabble-rousing.  One of the most respected state supreme courts in the country is not about to let cheap right-wing tactics which influenced the people of Iowa to vote out 3 justices last November influence the court and their decisions based on law. 

It’s about time that the courts took a stand.  The American people and often times the legislature seems to forget that in our form of government there are three separate but equal parts.  The judiciary has long been the voice of reason in an otherwise lobbiest and party driven government.  The judiciary is intentionally not elected by the people to avoid such fluctuating influences and passions.  The Family Research Council among other right-wing hate groups declared the oustings a political success.  Such efforts underscore the true detriment of behind-the-scenes funded hate groups.  By using pseudo-science, 30 second snippits, and loads of cash to ‘advertise’ their opinion, what was lost in this effort was a true concern and caring not only for the people of Iowa but the larger, long-term consequences of damaging an entire branch of government.  Once again it shows these groups are not interested in American freedom and equality, but exist solely to exhort their minority viewpoint on the rest of America.  If they truly cared about the direction of this country (which they so often tout) they would be focusing their energy and their funding on the economy and not trampling on the civil rights of LGBT citizens. 

 Supreme Court Justice Mark Cady earlier this week warned lawmakers about attacking the court in his State of the Judiciary speech earlier this week.  In an interview with the Des Moines Register he had this to say:

Justice Markr Cady

Iowa Supreme Court Justice Mark Cady said today that he does not regret the court’s 2009 ruling that allowed same-sex marriage, even though the decision cost three of his colleagues their jobs.

The new chief justice told reporters that the November retention vote, which removed three justices from office, created “a great deal of sadness” within Iowa’s highest court. But he maintained that judges will not flinch in the face of political attacks.

Cady stressed that the Varnum v. Brien ruling was based on the law, and not personal views, during a taped panel interview on the public affairs show Iowa Press.

“In retrospect, do you regret issuing that decision?” asked Radio Iowa’s O. Kay Henderson.

“Absolutely not,” Cady said. “That decision was crafted with all of the energy, all of the strength – everything we do as judges is in that opinion. Everything that Iowa is about is in that opinion.”

Cady’s remarks came two days after he warned lawmakers about attacks on the courts, in the chief justice’s annual State of the Judiciary speech. Some socially conservative lawmakers said they viewed the speech as arrogant.

via Cady says he does not regret gay marriage ruling | Des Moines Register Staff Blogs.

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