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Haverford PA Commisioners Pass Gay Rights Ordinance (Something our National Leaders are Incapable of Doing)

January 15, 2011

This provision is enforcible with a 10,000  dollar fine.  The city has already setup on their website the ability to report such crimes as they occur.  This is an amazing step for civil equality and a model for Utah and America to follow.  It’s time we began giving all our citizens the civil equal liberties they deserve.  As much as I applaud this small township in their successful quest for equality it serves more as an amplification that our nations leaders need to step up to the plate and provide civil equality for all and stop wasting the time of local governments having to do what our elected national leaders are afraid to do! 


The moment of truth for a controversial anti-discrimination ordinance arrived around 11 p.m. Monday when commissioners, after listening to hours of passionate public comment on both sides of the issue and engaging in heated debate among themselves, voted 5-3 with one abstention to pass the measure on first reading.

Supporters in the packed room burst into applause and cheered a decision that straddled party lines, with Republicans Bill Wechsler and Mario Oliva casting votes in favor along with Democrats Rob Trumbull, Dan Siegel and sponsoring Commissioner Larry Holmes.

Republicans Jim McGarrity, Chris Connell and Jeff Heilmann voted no. Stephen D’Emilio abstained.

The ordinance approved is the original version Holmes introduced in November with a few blanks filled in, creating a seven-member local Human Relations Commission and prohibiting discrimination in housing, commercial property, employment and public accommodations based on race, color, religion, age, sex, nationality, disabilities and use of a guide animal, with additional provisions against discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity/expression, not covered under the state Human Relations Act or Federal law.

via Anti-discrimination ordinance passes 5-3 in Haverford – News Of Delaware County – Delco News Network.