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Boston Archdiocese: Non-discrimination Admissions Policy for Gay Parents

January 15, 2011
With so little positive news coming from the leadership of the Catholic Church, it’s encouraging to see that atleast one of their leaders is more concerned about spiritual health than politics. 
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The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston has released a new non-discrimination policy for its schools, which allows for gay and lesbian parents to send their children to Catholic schools.

The new policy will obliges that all Catholic schools in the archdiocese will not “discriminate against or exclude any categories of students,” including those with gay and lesbian parents.

The policy also says: “Parent(s)/guardian(s) of students in Catholic schools must accept and understand that the teachings of the Catholic Church are an essential and required part of the curriculum.”

The new guidelines were developed in response to a widely publicized incident last year in which St. Paul School in Hingham. Mass rescinded the admissions offer to the 8-year-old boy after it was discovered he was the child of a lesbian couple, saying the parents’ relationship was in discord with church teachings and the boy would be confused by the school’s conflicting views on family.

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