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LaBarbera Pissed at Fox News for Accurately Labeling AFTAH as ‘Gay-Haters’

January 13, 2011



Here’s what I don’t get.  LaBarbera frequently prays the gays will go away, runs an anti-homosexual website with more gay scrolling headlines than any pro-gay site I know of.  He’s particularly obsessed with homosexuality and even more obsessed with eradicating it.  One of his partners in crime, Brian Fischer went so far as to suggest gays should be exported from the country.  LaBarbera (and Fischer) have often been called out for manufacturing out right lies for anti-gay propaganda but yet he’s upset when he’s called for what he is, a gay hating bigot? 

Fox News Greg Gulfeld on his late-night show ‘Red Eye’ and goes so far as to call opponents of the pro-homosexuality movement closet homo’s.  I guess I might be guilty of the same inference,but it’s just the reading I get on my trusty GayDar. Come to think of it, can I count my GayDar as a scientific instrument?  It’s atleast as accurate as Pete and Brian’s pseudo-science they frequently quote and publish.  Hmm. I need to check into that more.

Folks, you know it’s a bad sign for the future of a “conservative” network like FOX News when a homosexual atheist and anti-Christian bigot like Evan Hurst joyously circulates a Fox News program segment — as AFTAH-hating Hurst did in highlighting FOX News’ Red Eye’s recent hit-piece against AFTAH.

Yes, I said FOX News. In the YouTube below, Greg Gutfeld, host of the late-night show ”Red Eye,’” tees off on Americans For Truth (and Family Research Council and Concerned Women for America) as “gay haters” using all the liberal, elitist talking points on homosexuality (including that yours truly and other opponents of the pro-homosexuality movement are secret homosexuals ourselves).

via VIDEO: FOX News’ ‘Red Eye’ Host Greg Gutfeld Smears AFTAH as ‘Gay-Haters’ » Americans for Truth.

In light of the fact that Pete talks out of both sides of his mouth (imagine what other talents he may have hiding in the closet) I’m going to modify their call to arms just a bit:



Gay Rights


Release Dorothy’s TAKE ACTION Recommendation (based on our friends at AFTAH who deserve full credit for their contribution).

 1) Please contact FOX’s “Red Eye” and Greg Gutfeld and [thank] them for their “hit piece” ridiculing Americans For Truth and moral opponents of the pro-homosexuality agenda. Red Eye’s e-mail is redeye@foxnews.com, and their phone is 212-462-5050. Ask Red Eye to stay true to the FOX network’s “fair and balanced” slogan and call out pro-family advocates using liberal, talking points to spread the injustice allegedly pro-family advocates are spewing across the airwaves. Suggest that they allow an AFTAH representative on the show to solidify  Gutfeld’s fair and honest questions  requesting accurate and true responses from  AFTAH and pro-family organizations which typically only quote factless pseudo-science geared to an uninformed American public which they want to terrify into action..   

2) Please also contact Fox News (general) HERE or by phone at 888-369-4762. This contact page contains e-mail addresses for all the FOX programs. Urge FOX hosts  abandon opposition to homosexuality as a modern issue (FOX hosts were largely AWOL in the recent debate over lifting the ban on open homosexuals in the military).