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LaBarbera: God Forgive our Nation for ‘Excessive Tolerance’

January 12, 2011

Peter LaBarbera


While I’m on the subject of amusing crazies who use God and pervert his word for their own gain, Pete LaBarbera from the American’s for Truth about homosexuality is praying for the gay that God intervenes and changes us back from gay to straight through God’s love.  He says America has traveled a long road from abomination to gay.  I’m not sure, but I bet it’s a yellow brick road!   He prays for many things among them to keep the gays ‘wicked plan’ of putting gay booster club’s in elementary schools designed to pervert innocent young children. 

Every time I watch of video of Pete’s, I can’t help wonder about the strangely obsessive fixation he has with the gay.  Could it be he’s applied for membership but was denied and now is exacting his revenge?