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Interview with Daniel Hernandez: American Hero

January 12, 2011



Gabrielle Giffords new intern Daniel Hernandez used his high school medical training to help save her life.  Daniel heard the shots and rushed to fallen victims checking for pulses.  He worked his way to Rep. Giffords and held her in a position and tended her wounds until medical professionals arrived.  President Obama referred to Hernandez as an American Hero in his speech earlier this evening.  Right wing Republicans and Tea Party members have come under scrutiny for their use of militant and violence toned speech resulting in international outcry and a call for civility in politics and American culture.  Interestingly a brave and heroic gay person like Hernandez can’t openly serve in the military (quite yet!).

Notably, Hernandez is gay.  I guess if Brian Fischer had his way and exported the gay, Giffords wouldn’t have survived.