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Utah Representative Chaffetz says He’ll Carry His Gun

January 10, 2011


Yes, what we need is a gun carrying  legislator as a leader to inspire us.  Perhaps he should focus on making our communities safer, our economy stronger and our citizens more equal than carrying around a concealed weapon while kissing babies and shaking hands.  If he’s that worried about security (which I wouldn’t blame him) hire a professional, but Utah doesn’t need El Kabong as a Representative!

US House Representative Jason Chaffetz-R, Utah says he plans to take advantage of his concealed weapons permit, and will carry his gun more often. He made the decision following the weekend shooting in Tucson that critically injured Arizona Representative Gabrielle Giffords-D, killed six and injured 13 others. Representative Giffords was shot in the head, but is reportedly “holding her own.”

Chaffetz says he has a Glock 23 and has carried the gun in Utah but has yet to do so in Washington DC.

He also reflected on the possibility of fewer killed and wounded if someone in the crowd had been armed.

via Utah’s Chaffetz says he’ll carry his gun – Salt Lake City Political Buzz | Examiner.com.