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ID Prosecutors Drop Felony Hazing Charge Against Sodomite Athletes

January 10, 2011

Blackfoot Bullies

This is rediculous.  You strap guys down and force inanimate objects up their ass and its a misdemeanor?  From the outside looking in looks to me like the prosecutor either doesn’t really know how to do his job, or he’s related to one of these men.

I guess it’s not a big deal to get something shoved up your ass in Idaho.  I hope each victim takes the perpetrators to a civil court to get real justice!

The Bingham County attorney has dropped felony charges against all five former Blackfoot High School athletes accused of hazing classmates last year, including one defendant who was on the Boise State football team last year.Prosecutor Randy Smith said Wednesday the decision to drop the felony charges of forcible sexual penetration by use of foreign object was made after reviewing the case with witnesses in recent days.

But Smith said he still intends to pursue misdemeanor charges against Nathan Walker, Logan Chidester, Anthony Clark, all 19, and an unidentified minor. Clark, a freshman for Boise State, was suspended by coaches last month when the allegations surfaced.

A fifth defendant, 19-year-old Tyson Katseanes, pleaded guilty Wednesday to misdemeanor principal battery as part of a plea agreement. He is scheduled to be sentenced Thursday, and under terms of the deal could get 20 hours of community service and one year of probation.

During a preliminary hearing Wednesday, Bingham County Sheriff Detective Justin Dance testified that more than 15 individuals have been interviewed in building the case since the investigation began in September.

The allegations, described by prosecutors as bullying, allegedly occurred last year during the prep basketball season in the locker room and school bus.

On the stand Wednesday, a male witness described being held down in the locker room while assailants used fingers to try and penetrate his rectum through his clothing.

Last month, the Blackfoot School District board placed varsity basketball coach Jonathan Packer on leave pending the outcome of the investigation.

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