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Utah LGBT Activists- GET OFF YOUR ASS!

January 8, 2011

Pride in Utah founder Eric Ethington recently called on Utah LGBT citizens and supporters to a “This is OUR Voice” rally at the Utah State Capital on January 24th  against legislators intent on recinding and blocking the rights of all Utah citizens. Additionally, Eric blogged:

What happened to the Utah activists? Immediately following the passage of Prop 8, Utah came alive with activists in every corner of our large state standing up to finally say, “Enough!” But here we are 2 years later and it seems we’ve all just fallen back in step.

What is it? What happened? In late 2008 and early 2009 we were enjoying the highest rate of visibility the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community had ever seen before, but now we only see the occasional protest and even those are typically organized by the same people each time.

via PRIDE in Utah » What Happened To The Utah Activists?.

 In the wake of Gabrielle Gifford’s shooting and the abhorant extremism in the Republican Party this rally takes on even more significant meaning.  As LGBT citizens of Utah it is our responsiblity to protest and bring to light injustice and bigotry especially when it’s perpetrated by our own elected officials.  We cannot sit on the sidelines and hope someone else supports us.  We cannot change the picture of our Facebook profile and accomplish real change.

When I started this blog I named it Release Dorothy! for very specific reasons:

Release Dorothy!

First, because it’s a cry out to those who through ignorance, hate, bigotry, bullying, religious fervor or silence to STOP treating LGBT people as second class citizens, discriminating against us and judging us for who we are… 

Second, because I see it as a call to arms… to every LGBT youth, adult and friend… RELEASE Dorothy!  Let her stand up, stand proud and stand out!  Stop hiding yourselves among your straight peers, within your families, from your spouse and among your coworkers.  As LGBT we unlike many other minorities can hide among the masses…. we chose who, how and when to share who we are with others.  It’s time to show our strength and numbers!  

As a LGBT citizen of the State of Utah, if you want equal rights under the law, freedom to marry the love of your life, adopt a child and not run the risk of being denied housing or being fired for your orientation YOU need to fight for those rights. YOU need to support organizations who support you, YOU need to show our legislators that YOU are not invisible and that YOU will not be discriminated against. 

RALLY for those who fought and sometimes died for who they were, RALLY for those children who took their own lives because of bullying or being ashamed of who they were, RALLY for our future generations so that they will not endure the hate, discrimination and bigotry we’ve endured and RALLY for yourself… be a better person, serve a higher cause, give every LGBT person hope for a fair and equal future in Utah and Release YOUR inner Dorothy!

See you on the 24th.  Remember: “Hope will never be silent”–Harvey Milk