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‘Targeting’ Opponents… Another GOP Traditional Christian Value?

January 8, 2011

It’s reprehensible, it’s poor taste, and it’s not what the founding fathers had in mind when they conjured the notion of free-speech… but it’s a reality of Republican campaign tactics.  The Westborough Baptist Church , mainstream Republican Party and Tea Party have used violence inspired speech to ‘target’ opponents.  Today, Gabrielle Gifford and several other Americans were gunned down  in an Arizona public parking lot.  Republicans may not have blood on their hands, but their political advertisements and campaign tactics have Giffords blood splattered on their shoes.

There’s an old rhyme “sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me”.  Is that really true?  Republican political campaigns that spent millions of dollars and sponsored real shooting events at opponents want you to think so in the wake of Gifford’s shooting. 

Representative Gabrielle Gifford (DEM- AZ) was tastelessly targeted in the past by the Tea Party and GOP during the election.  During the last election campaign Gifford’s opponent in Arizona sponsored a shooting event titled “Help Remove Gabrielle Gifford from Office” M-16 shooting event in June.


In addition, Sarah Palin’s site  used to include a map targeting Gifford among others (represented by rifle cross-hairs) until the attempted assassination occured.  The View debated the hate represented by this depiction back in March saying Palin retweeted “Don’t retreat reload”.   Here’s what WAS on her site (posted by @DavidBadash on Twitter):


Emily’s List reported on November 5,2010:

“… The GOP made Giffords a top target early on, and third party organizations poured millions into attack ads across the district. Giffords was on the receiving end of vicious television ads by the GOP, her office was vandalized, and she was placed on Sarah Palin’s ‘Take Back the 20’ list, where Palin urged voters to ‘reload in retaliation.’ But in a district that leans towards the middle, Gabrielle Gifford’s moderate voice and dedication to her constituents appealed to voters more than the Tea Party-favorite opponent’s extreme, and backwards-looking rhetoric.”

Still think that ‘sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me’?  If so, take a look at history… the greatest orator and propagandist of the 20th century (Adolph Hitler)  influenced an entire country to exterminate over 6mm Jews, gays, elderly and minorities by using…words

Thanks GOP and your conservative Christian traditional values supporters  for proving once again your extremism and hatred of REAL  modern American values.

  1. January 13, 2011 at 2:11 pm

    After reading the comments on DELPHI opinion forum, i can’t believe what was written in this article. The republican/tea party people all are in DENIAL, of SARAH PALINs map, and of certain events, like the m16 shooting party. The evidence is there, in black and white,yet, these idiots, love to use the tactic, deny, deny, deny. I guess the truth ,can’t reach the right wing,at least NOT, on the internet. I am a registered independant,but, was a life long democrat. The attempted assasination of REP.GIFFORDS, was not just the work of an insane young man. The right wings “INFLUENCE”, in the form of RUSH,BECK,HANNITY and FOX NEWS, easily contributed to this mans blooming psychosis. Of course, most of the pundits, will deny any connection what so ever. How many more innocent people, will have to die, before these pundits learn RESTRAINT??

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