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Evangelist Cindy Jacobs: God Peeling Layers of Deception

January 6, 2011

Crazy Cindy


 If Cindy Jacobs wasn’t so damn crazy I’d probably be upset with her recap of the conversation she had with God…  Well, atleast her god..  If my God was truly going to “begin peeling off layers of deception” I think Cindy would be in the first round!

So-called activist judges have more to fear than recall votes — God is going “sweep” them from the bench, says evangelist Cindy Jacobs.

In a video posted on YouTube, Jacobs attributes this statement to God: “I’m getting ready to sweep judicial activism. I’m shaking the courts. … Watch and see what I will do.”

Jacobs does not mention specific judges or rulings, but the term “judicial activism” is often used by the right wing as code for rulings in favor of gay rights, especially marriage equality.

Jacobs and her husband, Mike, run Generals International, a conservative Christian ministry based in Texas. Watch the video below.

via Evangelist: God Will “Sweep” Away Court Activism | News | The Advocate.