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Denouncing Hate Speech in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina

January 6, 2011

Bigot- Bill James


After 28,024 Change.org members flooded the email accounts of Mecklenburg County Commissioners in North Carolina, they passed a strong resolution late last night condemning anti-gay bias and affirming diversity and inclusion. This controversial resolution passed after Commissioner Bill James used his office to call gay people “sexual predators” and homosexuality a “crime against nature.”

Via  Change.org

Here’s the background:

In December, James fired off an email to his fellow County Commissioners calling gay people “sexual predators” who would harm the U.S. military once “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” was officially repealed. It was a distasteful line if there ever was one, and drew wide rebuke from gay rights advocates.

But it was also emblematic of James and his career as a Mecklenburg County Commissioner. For over a decade, James has used his position as an elected official in the county — which encompasses Charlotte, North Carolina — to bash LGBT folks with a rabid brand of extremism. He has called homosexuality a “crime against nature,” compared homosexuality to alcoholism, and once told a colleague whose son died of complications from AIDS that he was a ‘homo’. And James has never been held accountable for any of this speech, even going so far as to brag that no one will politically challenge him.

It’s time to change that now. Tomorrow, Mecklenburg County will officially take up the subject of James’ rabid homophobia, with a plan to consider a resolution condemning inflammatory speech and discrimination based on sexual orientation. This is something that County Commissioners should move forward on, lest James continue to paint Mecklenburg County as a place tolerant of his kind of anti-gay attacks.

via Confronting Hate Speech in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina | Gay Rights | Change.org.