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ACTION ALERT: Rally against Bigotry At The Utah State Capitol ::PRIDE in Utah

January 6, 2011

Pride in Utah


This is not hatred or bigotry occuring in another country, another state, or another city.  This is right here in the heart of Salt Lake City, UT.  As LGBT citizens and Utah citizens in support of equal rights and protections  of this state we cannot and shall not allow small minded loud voiced bigots to sway the fair minded people of Utah.  It’s time to stand up for whats right and remind OUR government to represent what 70% of Utahn have already  endorsed, fair and equal protection under the law. 

The Utah legislature has for years ignored every vital protection the LGBT community needs. I for one couldn’t look in the mirror if I don’t stand up and fight back! Join me!

2010 was an amazing year for us, we saw TEN local cities and counties pass non-discrimination laws!

But on the final eve of these successes, Senate President Michael Waddoups announced that he would consider repealing EVERYTHING that we have accomplished! Every city, county and municipality that has chosen to protect their LGBT citizens would see those rights stripped away!

We must stand up now! We must remind these legislators just who it is that they work for. Over 70% of Utah’s population is in favor of these protections, and a handful of bigots should not stand in the way of Equality For All!

Join me in the Capitol Rotunda at 5:30pm on the opening day of the session January 24th, bring your signs, bring your chants, bring your passion and we will show them..


More details and event page on Facebook HERE

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