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15y.o. GLUAD Founder: Stop Bullying or I’ll Sue!

January 6, 2011

Caleb Laieski


Gay teen activist Caleb Laieski has notified officials at every school in Arizona that they must put a stop to bullying, or else he plans to file a lawsuit.

The Arizona Republic reports that the Phoenix-area teen e-mailed a letter to more than 5,000 school administrators and elected officials in early December.

“The letters warn school officials that they must institute policies specifically prohibiting gay harassment by students, teachers and administrators,” reports the Republic. “Schools that fail to stop bullying will encounter ‘legal ramifications.’”

Laieski, 15, founded Gays and Lesbians United Against Discrimination two years ago.

via Gay Teen: Stop Bullying or I’ll Sue | News | The Advocate.