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North Carolina Council of Churches Elects Openly Gay President

January 3, 2011

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In a state where legislators want to constitutionally ban same-sex marriage and city commissioner Bill James compares gays to ‘prostitutes and pedophiles’ and catholic bishops are afraid anti-bullying legislation will lead to same-sex marriage  there is a shining star example of  true Christian ideals AND happens to be gay. 

Stan Kimer was recently elected president of the NC Council of Churches.  Their Mission?

The Council enables denominations, congregations, and people of faith to individually and collectively impact our state on issues such as economic justice and development, human well-being, equality, compassion and peace, following the example and mission of Jesus Christ.

The Charlotte Observer reported:

As the newly elected president of the N.C. Council of Churches, Stan Kimer is typical of those who served before him: a retired business executive, longtime churchgoer and member of several nonprofit organization boards.

Kimer, 55, said he was elected president because he was able to convince the board that his agenda is broader than issues of sexuality.

“I have a strong belief that as a Christian I’m called to make the world a better place,” he said. “I like to spend my time with groups where I can see an impact.”

He cited the council’s efforts to educate churches about immigration, obesity and disease, as well as about the need for diversity in public schools.

As president, he wants to help the council grow and attract younger people to its mission. He hopes to bring more churches into the mix, too, including independent evangelical churches that share concerns about the environment.

via Gay man leads N.C. church association – CharlotteObserver.com.