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Change.org Names Equality Utah a “Gay Rights Hero of 2010” :: Release Dorothy!

January 3, 2011

Equality Utah


Among the impressive groups and individuals that made Change.Org’s top 10 of 2010 is the local LGBT Advocacy group Equality Utah.  Equality Utah successfully campaigned, promoted, and supported ten areas in Utah to enact non-discrimination ordinances.  Their next target?  Ogden UT.  You can help by signing a petition going to Ogden’s Mayor to support a non-discrimination ordinance (not the non-binding resolution he’s currently supporting) here.

As the final hours of 2010 wrap up, it’s worth taking a look back at the names and players who helped make this year a dynamic one for LGBT rights. From historic victories in Congress to bold individual acts for equality, 2010 was quite the year to remember. Here’s to the folks who helped prove what. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand once said to Change.org: that the battle for LGBT equality is the civil rights struggle of our time.

 Equality Utah: When 2010 started, Equality Utah put forward a bold statement: In 12 months time, they would work like hell to make sure that 10 Utah cities/towns/municipalities enacted non-discrimination ordinances that included protections on the basis of sexual orientation. Sure enough, they put their money where their mouth was and got it done. In December, Grand County became the tenth Utah area to enact an inclusive non-discrimination ordinance. And Equality Utah’s work isn’t done yet. Together with other LGBT activists in the state, they have their eyes on Ogden, hoping that the city will become the eleventh in the state to enact sweeping anti-discrimination protections.

via The Gay Rights Heroes of 2010 | Gay Rights | Change.org.

Equality Utah “is the state’s largest LGBT civil rights organization. Equality Utah leads efforts for LGBT civil rights at the state and local levels through a range of strategies including lobbying legislators and other elected and appointed officials; sponsoring bills and opposing negative legislation; building coalitions; and empowering individuals and other organizations to engage in the legislative process.” 

Their mission is simple:  “To secure equal rights and protections for LGBT Utahns and their families.”  You can donate to this fine organization here.