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Anti-Gay Bully Teacher Sues State of MN

January 3, 2011


While Filson denies harassing Merritt it’s interesting that the school district obviously had enough doubt to award Merritt a 25k settlement.. Oh, and what does it say about not one, but two teachers whose actions make a STUDENT feel threatened enough to go public with such accusations?  Maybe the district needs to evaluate their hiring practices?

An Anoka-Hennepin School District teacher who was accused of harassing a student he thought was gay is suing the state because the Department of Human Rights disclosed his name in a report about the investigation. Walter Filson filed suit against the state of Minnesota late last week. Filson was one of two teachers accused of harassing Alex Merritt, who is not gay. Merritt got a $25,000 settlement from the school district in 2009. Filson’s suit comes after a similar one filed by Diane Cleveland, whom the Department of Human Rights claimed conspired with Filson to harass Merritt. Earlier this year Cleveland won her lawsuit against the state. A judge ruled that the department should not have disclosed her name because she was not a defendant or plaintiff in the complaint; the department did not actually lodge any penalty against Cleveland or Filson but simply reported the accusations and the department’s conclusions.

Filson and Cleveland have denied repeatedly that they harassed Merritt.

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