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Mormons Take Their Token Gay to A Christmas Concert

December 23, 2010
LDS Church Office Building, Salt Lake City, Utah.

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The Mormon’s, allegedly in the ‘spirit of the season’ have invited gay activists to attend their Christmas Concert.  This is nothing more than another Mormon PR move.  The Mormon’s after getting such bad press in 2010 from Prop 8 to prophet Packer’s statements need to look moderate.  So, they dusted off the Mormon token gay activists (millionaires, Hollywood celebrities) who are sypathetic to the Mormon church because of their upbringing and paraded them around a Christmas concert and took pictures for the scrap book.  Nice to know that even the Mormon’s can be fag hags when it’s to their benefit.

If the Mormon church wants to REALLY reach out to the gay community, they need to do it sincerely and constructively.  Host an open forum for activists and advocates to discuss local LGBT issues with an inter-faith consortium of religious leaders and politicians .  Stop their Sutherland Institute lackies from back room deals in the legislature to table bills supporting gay rights, stop funding the National Organization for Marriage which is nothing more than a thinly veiled hate group.

They’re not going to do constructive things to improve equality, that doesn’t give them the PR they’re looking for… So, just like Christmas itself, the Mormon’s bastardize a Christian holiday and the LGBT community by marketing a mainstream appearance that they don’t truly believe in.

In the spirit of the season, the LDS Church is reaching out to the gay community.

ABC 4 News has learned that the Church invited several prominent gay leaders to its Christmas concert this weekend, including Oscar winner Dustin Lance Black.

Black, a screenwriter, won an Oscar for the movie, “Milk.”

Saturday, at the LDS Church’s Christmas concert, he and a handful of Utah gay activists were VIP guests.

Now, in response to our story, the LDS Church issued the following statement:

“The Church frequently extends invitations to social events to community leaders representing a variety of views, beliefs and organizations.”

But our sources indicate the LDS Church might also be willing to make even more of an outreach in the future.

This could, perhaps, include helping to provide homeless gay youths with shelter and support.

via EXCLUSIVE: LDS Church invites gay activists and Dustin Lance Black to Christmas Concert – ABC 4.com – Salt Lake City, Utah News.