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EDITORIAL: 6 of One…Half a Dozen of Another ::Release Dorothy!

December 21, 2010

Today I’m fortunate enough to have Eric contribute to my blog.  Diversity, Inclusion, and a whole host of LGBT issues are frequently topics in my houshold and among our group of friends.  After discussing an article about diversity and second class citizenship, Eric asked if he could contribute an article to my blog.  Here it is, I hope you find it as compelling as I did-Phil


Nazi Era Pink Triangle



To be honest, I am tired of hearing about “Celebrate Diversity.” I am tired of the conversations about our differences. I think it is causing many more problems and issues than it is solving. For once, can we talk about what makes us the same?

As a gay man, I am the same as you – no matter your race, religion, sex or physical ability.

Based upon what the media has to say, you must be thinking “Well, how can that be?!?! We could NEVER be the same!”

Actually, we might want the same things and have some common values.

I want a nice house in a quiet neighborhood.  I want safe schools and to send my children to college. I want a good job with a good company and a bright future.

I want to have a stable, loving home with my husband and have children who will be more successful than I am and leave the world a little better than they found it.

However, I feel those things seem to be sliding out of the grasp of most Americans and it scares me.

Rising unemployment. Crashing home values. The devaluation of the dollar. Two concurrent wars. Terrorism.

Like many Americans, we are currently upside down in our house and owe much more than it is worth. I lost my job in the Spring and my husband’s company is in yet another round of layoffs.

We were planning to have children soon, but in this economy, we cannot afford to.

I have many nights worrying about making the next mortgage/car/insurance payment. I am terrified of one of us getting sick and having a huge medical bill.

Maybe we have those things in common and more.

I grew up in poverty and know what it is like to not have heat in the winter. I know what it is like to go to bed hungry. I know what it is like to have Santa skip our house.

I know what it is like to be made fun of and be looked down upon because of poverty.

I will never forget that look in my mother’s eyes, knowing I had asked for a simple toy she could not afford to buy me. I saw that same look many times over the years as she struggled to perform miracles weekly to make ends meet that were light years apart.

I have worked hard so that one day, my children will never know those things.

I am scared that I will never be able to afford to have children and one day, once again it will be cold at night in the winter as I go to bed on an empty stomach.

 Maybe we have that in common too.

 The next time we start to place labels on people and grant or deny rights or privileges based upon those labels, we should stop and see how those labels could fit us.

Will you wear a yellow Star of David? An upside down pink triangle?

As horrible as 9/11 was, I do remember for a brief time after, there were no labels. We were all Americans.