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HRC Plans Information Center in Harvey Milk’s Old Store…Get Over It and FOCUS!

December 17, 2010
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The Human Rights Campaign is the newest tenant in Harvey Milk’s old storefront.  Local gay activists are less than thrilled.  HRC is often viewed as the mainstraeam suburban paletable lobby organization for LGBT rights.  That muted representation and limited success has local activists in arms as it’s counter to Harvey Milk’s legendary act out approach.  

As polar opposite as Harvey Milk and the HRC’s approach to LGBT rights have been, both have had their place and effective means.  In the end, the LGBT community should focus less on who has a better approach and more on banding together and supporting pro-LGBT organizations.  Division and dissent with so many enemies of LGBT rights will not further our struggle for equal rights.  The LGBT community, advocates and activists must speak with as ONE group united for ONE cause to obtain ONE goal… full equality for all LGBT citizens.

Locally, if the storefront held such significants to warrant such an outcry, why didn’t supporters lease the building instead.  Afterall, it could have been the Family Research Council moving in….

 SAN FRANCISCO—On the surface, the new tenant at the storefront where Harvey Milk waged his historic political campaign would seem like the last organization to anger people in the gay community.

The Human Rights Campaign, the nation’s largest gay rights lobbying group, wants to open up an information center and a gift shop in the building that would pay tribute to the slain gay rights leader.

But Milk’s friends and admirers are so incensed at the group taking over the slain San Francisco supervisor’s stomping grounds that they would rather see a Starbucks there, underscoring the tensions that exist within the various factions of the gay rights movement.

The organization is a frequent target of criticism from gay rights activists who consider its mainstream, “inside the Beltway” style ineffective. They believe the organization’s philosophy of incremental progress in the gay rights movement runs completely counter to the uncompromising message of gay pride championed by Milk.

“It’s spitting in the face of Harvey’s memory,” said AIDS Memorial Quilt founder Cleve Jones, who received his political education at Milk’s side in the 1970s.

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