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Church Leaders Sign LGBT Exclusion Document as the ‘Protectors of the Common Good’ ::Release Dorothy!

December 14, 2010

Once again the Mormons, Catholics and now the Baptists ( Be Careful of the company you keep) bastardize the Christ in their procomations denouncing homosexuality and rejecting traditional Christian (can’t speak for the Mormon’s there) values by hating on the Homo’s…  It’s unnerving to me that these and other groups are coming together to protect the common good of everyone.  Lets have a brief look at the track record of our ‘protectors of the common good’:

The Baptists:  In the 1850’s the South Baptist Convention was found on the premise that the Bible sanctions slavery and it’s natural for Christians to own slaves. Are these the folks now protecting the ‘common good’?

The Catholics:  I’ll just leave them with three infractions… The Medieval Inquisitions where the Pope had over one million gnostic Christians (Cathars) murdered for fear they threatened the authority of the Roman Catholic Church; The Spanish Inquisitions where over 87,000 trials occured and atleast 1080 execution occured and the Muslims and Jews were forced to convert or leave. Or how about more recent child sex abuses perpetrated by Priests?  Thus far the Catholic church has paid out over 1 billion dollars in liability with another 1/2 billion dollars pending.  Are these the folks now protecting the ‘common good’?

The Mormons: Where to start.. Joseph Smith, .A Con Man, A glass looker who discovered ‘treasures’ by fradulent means, a polygamist (though he didn’t tell his wife for 10 years), and a pedophile (his first plural wife was 14).  The arguement that you can’t judge marital age by modern standards is correct.  Girls today typically begin puberty at around 12.9 years old.  In Joseph Smiths time it was around 16.8 years of age.  So by modern standards his 14 year old wife then is the equivilent of a 9.1 year old wife today.  Clearly justifying the man was sick and convinced others to do the same.  He alone was involved in nearly 200 trials during his lifetime for one thing or another.  Oh, how about Mormon doctrine teaches that when African Americans are graced by Jesus Christ they turn white…  Yep.  Read it for yourself.

According to 4 Nephi 1:6, twenty-five years had passed away since Jesus ascended back into 
heaven, from there to visit all the other lost tribes of the house of Israel. In 4 Nephi 1:10, we learn 
that all the people of Nephi had become “an exceedingly fair and delightsome people”. In other 
words, they became white-skinned. See the footnote 10a. It links to 1 Nephi 13:15, 2 Nephi 5:21, 
and Mormon 9:6.

Just so we don’t lose context, are these the people who are the protectors of the common good?

All three, plus a few more seem to think so…   I could go on an on about each religion’s past transgressions but it’s getting late so you’ll have to look up their wrong doings on your own.  Suffice it to say, none of these religions should be casting the first stone on what’s right or wrong…  Let alone influencing governmental definition of marriage.  It’s fine if they want to hang on to their own interpretations, to each his own, but don’t tell my government to discriminate me based on your biases… Go back to your temples, cathedrals, churches, wards synagogs and practice your bigotry behind closed doors like civil human beings, but leave me and my government out of it.

The bottom line is they may call themselves the ‘protectors of the common good’ but the reality is the only common good they’re protecting is their own.  They want to blame others for the faults of their own religions.  They need a scapegoat to build themselves up and regain that lost feeling of superiority.  They need a scapegoat, and the LGBT minority are a convenient target (extra shame goes to the Jews for this unthinkable act).  For the Protestants, Catholics, and Orthodox, this is just act three in a combined 2000 year history of manipulation and scapegoating.  They’ve got it down by now.  The Mormon’s, they’re just fast learners.  Afterall they’ve been copying bits of other religions and filling in the gaps for 150 years.

Mormon Temple

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints joined with other faiths today in signing “The Protection of Marriage: A Shared Commitment,” an open letter to express commitment toward the preserving of marriage as the union between one man and one woman. Presiding Bishop H. David Burton signed on behalf of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

The letter, which was signed by leaders from Anglican, Baptist, Catholic, Evangelical, Jewish, Lutheran, Mormon, Orthodox, Pentecostal and Sikh communities, stated:

Marriage is the permanent and faithful union of one man and one woman. As such, marriage is the natural basis of the family. Marriage is an institution fundamental to the well-being of all of society, not just religious communities.

As religious leaders across different faith communities, we join together and affirm our shared commitment to promote and protect marriage as the union of one man and one woman. We honor the unique love between husbands and wives; the indispensible place of fathers and mothers; and the corresponding rights and dignity of all children.

Marriage thus defined is a great good in itself, and it also serves the good of others and society in innumerable ways.

Catholic Cathedral


The preservation of the unique meaning of marriage is not a special or limited interest but serves the good of all. Therefore, we invite and encourage all people, both within and beyond our faith communities, to stand with us in promoting and protecting marriage as the union of one man and one woman.“The broad consensus reflected in this letter — across great religious divides — is clear: The law of marriage is not about imposing the religion of anyone, but about protecting the common good of everyone,” said Archbishop Timothy Dolan of New York, newly elected president of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) and one of the letter’s signers. “People of any faith or no faith at all can recognize that when the law defines marriage as between one man and one woman, it legally binds a mother and a father to each other and their children, reinforcing the foundational cell of human society.”

via Leaders From Diverse Faiths Express Commitment to Protect Marriage – LDS Newsroom.