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US State Department: Get out of Dodge By Sundown David ’kill the gays’ Bahati

December 13, 2010

Uganda Gay Rights

Bahati: May God have mercy on your soul for the hate you spew, the lies you tell, and the hurt and death you’ve brought to others… did the evangelicals teach you such Christian behavior, or did you take a few liberties?? 

Notorious Christian fundamentalist and Ugandan Member of Parliament David “kill the gays” Bahati was asked to exit the country Thursday by the U.S. State Department after being refused admission to an international conference he was in the country to attend.

Bahati had a single event visa to come to the U.S. to attend the International Consortium of Governmental Financial Management Conference being held in Washington D.C. The conference refused to admit Bahati on humanitarian grounds, given his deplorable religious commitment to the most despicable homophobia and bigotry.

Bahati is the author of an anti-Homosexuality Bill coming up for a vote in the Ugandan Parliament early next year. The bill provides for draconian punishment for gay and lesbian Ugandan citizens including life in prison and even death.

Bahati’s “kill the gays” bill has enjoyed support from Christian fundamentalists in Uganda, while Bahati is a close associate with a secretive international Christian group known as The Family based in Washington D.C.

via Uganda’s David ’kill the gays’ Bahati asked to leave country by U.S. State Dept. – National Humanist | Examiner.com.

Have you ever noticed that Hate Groups that include the phrase ‘The Family’ are anything but ‘Family oriented’….