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Gays in Africa Continue Facing Life-Threatening Persecution

December 13, 2010

While in the states we continue to fight for equal rights, LGBT people in Africa continue to fight for their lives.  Release Dorothy has reported recently on the struggles LGBT people incur in african countries.  From Cameroon to South Africa; even seeking asylum in the UK, LGBT African’s continue to struggle to survive.

Anti-LGBT Africa

Persecution of gays is intensifying across Africa, fueled by fundamentalist preachers, intolerant governments and homophobic politicians. Gay people have been denied access to health care, detained, tortured and even killed, human rights activists and witnesses say.

“It has never been harder for gays and lesbians on the continent,” said Monica Mbaru, Africa coordinator for the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission, based in Cape Town. “Homophobia is on the rise.”

Fearing for their lives, many activists are in hiding or have fled their countries.

via Gays in Africa face growing persecution, human rights activists say.

God bless those around the world who struggle with their sexuality or struggle to survive because of their sexuality in this holiday season, and every season throughout the year.