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I’m From Driftwood Project visits Utah

December 6, 2010

Fortunately for Kyle he’s one of the lucky ones.  Unfortunately, Utah’s local culture continues to oppose equal rights such as fair employment and housing, marriage rights and adoption rights.  Utah’s largest religion, though recently more politically correct about it’s statements continues in the background to fund a  SPLC identified hate group such as National Organization for Marriage. Additionally, they support Evergreen International who’s mission is literally to shock LGBT into becoming straight through reparative therapy and the Sutherland Institute, a state lobbiest vexingly opposed to gay civil rights and successfully backroom lobbied key lawmakers into postponing any and all ‘pro-gay’ legislation for an entire year.

The Great State of Utah

In Utah, I’m From Driftwood (IFD) caught up with Kyle McElwain and his mother, Gay Lynn Costa. Kyle submitted a video and Gay Lynn a written story; without consulting each other or realizing it, they each shared their perspective on Kyle’s coming out. There’s something to the saying “there are two sides to every story.” Kyle says “She insists that I cried and I don’t think that I, I don’t remember crying at all. But she’ll tell you I did every time.” Despite their disagreement on his allegedly “tearful” coming out, one thing is clear: Kyle’s mom’s love and support was unwavering from the start.

via The New Civil Rights Movement | A Journal Of News & Opinion On Gay Rights & Marriage Equality.

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