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Woman Raped, Murdered, Burnt and Left in Toilet Because She Was a Lesbian

December 2, 2010






When dogs are dragging human bones pulled from the ashed remains of a lesbian sister; raped, murdered, burnt and left in a public toilet, an entire world is  deprived of its dignity – because this horror is man made.  Deprived of a decent  burial – nothing more than fodder for elements and ravenous animals, the latter perhaps higher in social order than the animals who commited this visciouse  hate crime,  simply because she was a lesbian.

via South Africa: Badly Burnt Body of Murdered Lesbian – Lez Get Real.

South Africa continues it’s slide from a First World nation to a Third World country both economically and culturally.  This is a nation fostering corrective rape and advocating murder based on sexual orientation.  I’d suggest the UN engage this country on the basis of Human Rights violations but unfortunately the UN has DELETED from it’s resolution the unjustified execution based on sexual orientation.

Even worse, fair-minded countries like France and the UK expressed disappointment, but nothing else.  No walk out, no protest, no threat to stop aid, funding or repercussion for continued human rights violations.  I’d be disappointed the US didn’t do more, except the States barely protect LGBT more than South Africa.  It’s sad that the international community continues to stand by and allow this behavior and even sadder that most western countries don’t give LGBT the same rights and protections as their non-LGBT counterparts.  Ten percent of the worlds population is gay.  That’s approximately 688,537,239 people.  Stop treating 688 million people as second, third, or non-valuable citizens.

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