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The Rosa Parks of the LGBT Movement

December 1, 2010


Rosa Parks

It was 55 years ago today Rosa Parks sat at the front of the bus creating a pivotable moment in the African American Civil Rights movement.  As we celebrate the strength it took for Rosa to stand up for her rights here’s a look at modern day LGBT ‘Rosa Parks’….


We can honor that spirit without pretending to know what she personally felt about our particular cause. Activists like former National Guard Lt. Dan Choi, who has repeatedly chained himself to the White House fence in protest against Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell; couples like Joanne Pedersen and Ann Meitzen, who are demanding that the U.S. government recognize their marriage; students like Constance McMillen, who refused to allow her school to deny her and her same-sex date access to the prom — they are among the most visible faces of this attitude. So, too, is every transgender person who uses the bathroom in which they feel they belong; every child who is not afraid to tell classmates, “That’s my Mommy and Mama”; every student who speaks out against bullying; every office worker who puts a photo of their same-sex spouse on their desk.

via What Would Rosa Parks Say? | Gay Rights | Change.org.