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Gay marriage an Economic Benefit to States

November 30, 2010
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Some same-sex couples are going the extra mile, literally, to get married. Since only five states in the country and Washington D.C. legally recognize same-sex marriage, gays and lesbians who don’t live in one of those places, must travel to tie the knot. This means an uptick in travel and tourism to those five states and the nation’s capital.

Iowa is the closest state to Illinois that recognizes same-sex marriage. It has since April 2009. Esther Hoffa has hosted weddings for same-sex couples since May 2009 from all over the United States at her inn, Garden & Galley Bed and Breakfast, in Indianola, Iowa.

From April 2009 to March 2010, there were 2,020 same-sex marriages in Iowa, according to the Iowa Department of Health. Illinois same-sex couples were the most frequent out-of-towners to get married in Iowa. Two hundred couples were married in Iowa in the first year it was legally recognized. Missouri came in second with 160 same-sex couples.  

via Gay marriage a plus for travel.

There was atleast 1 couple from Utah (my husband and I)  married in Iowa the first year it was legal!


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