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Judge rejects Hate Groups bid in gay marriage lawsuit against DOMA

November 29, 2010

Gay Marriage


A judge has rejected an attempt by the Minnesota Family Council to intervene in a lawsuit challenging state law that bans same-sex marriage. Three same-sex couples filed a lawsuit against the state of Minnesota earlier this year arguing that the Defense of Marriage Act signed into law in 1997 violates the state Constitution. The Family Council argued that it should be part of the lawsuit, in part, because if DOMA is ruled unconstitutional, it will cost them millions to fight same-sex marriage. The court said the group has no standing to defend DOMA. “The Council’s alleged injuries would occur solely due to its sincerely-held belief that principles rooted in its interpretations of religious texts are best for the well-being of children and families, and that marriage only between one man and one woman accords with these principles,” wrote Minnesota Fourth District Court Judge Mary S. DuFrense (PDF). “The Court certainly understands that the Council feels strongly about the social issue of same-sex marriage. Strong feelings, however, do not establish a legal interest in a lawsuit.”

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Once again the courts are the voice of reason.  Just because you don’t like something and it’ll cost you to fight it, doesn’t make you an interested  legal party…  Honestly, can you imagine if the KKK had used that argument in the south during the Civil Rights movement?  Sorry, you can’t give African American’s civil rights because it’d have cost the KKK too much money to fight it!