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Gay Rights Group Hope to Defend Fallen Soldier from Protest

November 29, 2010

“We are going to be out there to support the family, the military and Jesse as a hero,” said Christopher Perkins, president of the Brite Signal Alliance, a Sinclair Community College group that supports equality for gay and transgender students. “I live in Fairborn and for them to come to my community and disrespect (Snow) is uncalled for.”

Snow’s father, John W. Snow Sr., said he appreciates what the gay rights group is doing.

“My son, Jesse, he fought for their rights and freedoms just like the other soldiers,” John W. Snow Sr. said. “We just appreciate the outpouring of community from anybody, no matter who it is,” he said.

Community groups hope to shield soldier’s family from protest

The bigotry and hatred spewed by this ‘church’ simply needs to be challenged anywhere this group shows up.  It’s great to see a college group stand up for the dignity of our soldiers who’ve died to make this the great country it is.  Thank you Brite Signal Alliance for your fair and just defense of Army Spc. Jesse Snow and his family; Thank YOU Jesse for your ultimate sacrifice for the American people.