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Orange County FL: Gay Rights Activists push for Partial Equality

November 23, 2010
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Wearing red as symbol of unity, supporters for gay rights were at the Orange County Commission Tuesday. The gay rights activists are pushing for a vote on a human rights ordinance for Orange County. “Im a gay man and I believe all people are created equal,” said one supporter. If passed, the new law would prevent discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identification in employment housing and public accommodations. “Im encouraged that theres so many people here that do support it,” one activist said. The ordinance would apply to businesses with five or more employees and it would exempt religious organizations…

via Gay rights supporters push for ordiance – WDBO Local News on wdbo.com.

If conservative Orange County is concerned enough to take up gay rights for employment and housing, why can’t Salt County, and the State of Utah for that matter.   As for exempting religious organizations, the planned ordinance falls WAY short.  Would it pass in Peoria if religious organizations were exempt from discriminating against minorities of color?  NO…  I know in 2010 that sounds extreme… but the arguments used to protect ‘religious organizations’ are the SAME arguments the Southern Baptists used to validate slavery, segregation and discrimination. 

There’s no second place when it comes to equal rights.  Either we get them, or we don’t.  Partial victories are partial losses.  We DEMAND full equality, whether that’s being employed in a factory, an office, or a church.  I WILL not accept being half equal in the eyes of my government, and neither should you! 

  1. Linda
    December 8, 2010 at 10:46 am

    This must be Orange County, Florida. The radio station is an Orlando station.

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