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In Brazil: 182 people die as victims of homophobic attacks annually

November 23, 2010

Gay Hating Brazil

By many counts Brazil is one of, if not the, most dangerous countries in the world to be LGB or T. But a proposed law to tackle this has provoked a massive backlash on social media, including direct incitements to violence

According to Senator Fatima Cleide one person dies every two days, as a victim of a homophobic attack. The Brazilian gay rights group Grupo Gay da Bahia (GGB), which is funded by the World Bank and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), estimates that between 1980 and 2009 at least 3,100 homosexuals were killed by hate crimes in the country.

Recently two Brazilian soldiers were arrested following the shooting of a 19-year-old gay man on the day of the Gay Pride celebration in Rio de Janeiro. Sao Paulo’s Gay Pride attracts 3.3 million – the biggest in the world – but alongside this Brazil is a country of hundreds of people dying every year based on hate crimes.

Vagner de Almeida and Richard Parker, the directors of the first documentary film about the violence, ‘Sexuality and Hate Crimes‘, found that the hate crimes come from different segments of society, and are often motivated by the anti-gay output of the Catholic Church and radical evangelical groups.

The film notes that many of the afflicted are unrecognizable after death due to mutilation.

Past President Lula’s government launched ‘Brazil Against Homophobia’, including television advertisement and billboards, in 2006. Last year he launched a National Plan of Promotion of the Citizenship and Human Rights of LGBT. Brazil recognises same-sex relationships for immigration purposes. Yet the Brazilian Congress has struggled to approve legislation categorizing homophobic violence as hate crimes. A bill is again currently under debate.

Religious and conservative interests have proven to be strong and effective opponents of this hate crimes legal change, claiming it would offend their ‘religious rights’. These interests have previously proposed two federal laws, one that makes illegal the act of kissing between persons of the same sex in public, another that creates an aid and assistance program for ‘sexual reorientation’.

The hate crimes proposal, amid the publicity surrounding the shooting in Rio, has provoked a backlash from anti-gay forces – including on Twitter, and mainly from young people. MundoMais reports that thousands of Twitterers are supporting homophobic attacks on gay and say: “Homophobia? Yes!” (#homofobiasim, see English translation of tweets, some of which are explicitly pro-violence, pro-‘corrective rape’ of lesbians) in reaction to the proposed hate crimes law (yes=#PL122Sim, No=#PL122Nao).

via LGBT Asylum News: Video: In Brazil, debate on murders of LGBT and hate crimes law sparks homophobic backlash.

I can’t help but call out the Christian (Catholic) element in this article.  A church preaching the love of Jesus Christ spews anti-gay rhetoric helping to incite a culture so violent against homosexuals it’s virtually a blood sport.  It’s this sort of behavior that makes me smile when I hear how the Catholic church is running out of money, losing entire nations as followers and continues down the path of religious extinction!  I can’t wait until the Pope is as important as Zeus!

While it appears the government is making attempts to make headway by introducing Hate crimes legislation, changing the culture is not an overnight process.   Until Brazil wakes up and begins to accept the rights of all humans, this blogger is no longer spending any money on ANY product, service, or activity that benefits the people of Brazil.  It’s up to the international community to influence the Brazilian people economically.  What does that mean?  No Brazilian imports, no tourism and no investment in Brazil.  START TODAY!