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NY Principal’s lesbian affair with subordinate may result in termination

November 17, 2010


Crystal Simmons

Crystal Simmons


A principal in New York has been removed from her position after she revealed to her school board that she had been conducting a secret affair with her deputy principal.A report into the incident revealed that the principal only brought up the liaison because her now ex-lover had allegedly threatened her.Crystal Simmons, founding principal of the Academy for Social Action in Harlem, turned to officials for help after her former lover, Candy Jones, threatened to murder her, according to a report released yesterday by the city Education Department.

Department of Education spokeswoman Barbara Morgan said: ‘We are currently seeking to terminate both Principal Simmons and Assistant Principal Jones.’In a setting where the focus is supposed to be on student learning, conduct like this is simply unacceptable.’During the investigation, Miss Simmons confessed to the relationship with her subordinate.

via Principal sacked from Harlem school after confessing lesbian affair with her assistant | Mail Online.

Gay or Straight, it’s really a bad idea to date your subordinate at work.  Second, if your spouse or date makes threats to take your life, call the police first, tell your employer second.