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“Life as a gay teenager” article by Sean Simonson Censored for being non-Catholic

November 17, 2010



Sean Simonson of Benilde-St. Margaret’s School chose to write a heart-felt letter as an out Gay youth on his school’s on-line newspaper.  Moderators chose to censor and remove the article because comments from other students were not seen as “responsible”.  Why not just moderate the comments and let a youth tell his story?  Because his views didn’t reflect that of the Catholic Church.  Nice job BSM, not only did you enforce your doctrine in a non-Christian manner, you further enabled alienated a youth during a difficult time in their life.   Jesus would be SO proud….

Sean Simonson: I have considered suicide. Yes, I have considered taking my own life. Unlike six other boys recently in the news, I never took the steps to follow through on my dark thoughts, but, unfortunately, I can understand what drove them to. Because I know what it’s like to be a gay teenager.

Imagine going through adolescence: hormones raging, body changing, and relationships that go a little deeper than friendship developing. Now, add on being gay.

Don’t believe being different is difficult? Try going through a day in the life of a gay teen.

Every day you hear someone use your sexuality––a part of you that, no matter how desperately

you try, you cannot change––as a negative adjective. That hurts.

You fear looking the wrong way in the locker room and offending someone. Politicians are allowed to debate your right to marry the person you love or your right to be protected from hate crimes under the law. Your faith preaches your exclusion––or damnation. And no one does anything to stop it.

via Life as a gay teenager : Knight Errant.