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Lesbian Loses Job After Wedding Announcement

November 17, 2010



Laine Tadlock was forced to retire early from Benedictine University in Springfield after her wedding announcement appeared in The State Journal-Register. After the announcement of her marriage to Kae Helmstrom, which took place in Iowa, the couple received many congratulations. The school, however, did not appreciate it, and university President William Carroll asked her to retire early.

The university did, however, offer her a new job in a different position, but Tadlock refused the new job. The university stated “The university, for valid and lawful reasons, decided that it would not be consistent with the university’s mission as a Catholic institution of higher learning for Tadlock to continue in the office of program director of its education program.”

via Illinois Lesbian Loses Job After Wedding Announcement – Lez Get Real.

Jesus doesn't save Lesbian's Job!

Once again, Catholic biggotry and mismanaged damage control at it’s finest.  First, they ‘early retire’ Miss Laine (a 60 year old Lesbian) whose crime was to share her LEGAL wedding in Iowa with her friends and family by publishing a wedding announcement in the newspaper.  The offence?  A lesbian in the school system doesn’t conform to religous beliefs.  Fine, then if this is the case why did they reverse their decision and offer her a different job.  Doesn’t that still violate their ‘Christian’ faith?

Ironically, Benedictine University was submitted in 2009 to receive a federal grant of $300,000 USD for nothing less than to fund a program for training diverse low and middle income women on job skills.   One has to wonder whether the program would train Miss Laine for a new job with another institution.  Oh, the irony….

Below is an excerpt from the submitted grant request:

Benedictine University
5700 College Road
Lisle, IL 60532
Amount Requested:
Project Description:
Benedictine University recently established an innovative program specifically designed to empower women in the workforce. The program is designed to reach out to diverse low- and middle-income women for purposes of job skills training and professional development. Financial literacy and collaborative leadership are a few examples of course work for this program.
Explanation of the request:
In changing economic times, access to education and job training for underserved women is vital to our local communities.

Judy Biggert

Intended Recipient of Funds:



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