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Gay Artists Transgendered Characters won’t be Published

November 17, 2010


James Stanley

James Stanley


Amongst the staggering issues the gay community has to deal with in the real world it seems that they are now being dealt a pretty serious blow in the land of fiction as well. Up and coming talent James Stanley is now fighting for the right to express his vision to the world through Manga. Recently he was denied this opportunity after a publishing company reneged on their commitment to publish Mr. Stanley’s work due to the fact the main characters in his book are transgendered and not female as the publishers original assumed. In a statement Mr. Stanley say’s “It was never my intention to trick any one, I have always been open and honest about myhomosexuality and the fact that I try to express it in my work whenever I can.” It seemed the misunderstanding has led to the publisher reversing its decision to work with James and it looks as though he will be self publishing his Graphic Novel. I personally would like to urge the LGBT community to support this young artist in his endeavors. Big companies will not change their narrow minded views until they see that there in a profit in accepting “the gay experience” into their works of fiction.

via Gay Artist Denied For Having Transgendered Characters. : hitusup.com.

If James Stanley has the guts to be who he is and represent it in his art, the LGBT community needs to step up and support this fledgling artist..