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Beta Upsilon Chi: No Gays for Jesus!

November 16, 2010

BYX- Brothers UNDER Christ?


The alum says Greg Wigger, Nu chapter president of the frat (aka “Brothers Under Christ,” or BYX) confronted him about his sexuality in April in the alum’s dorm room after rumors went around he “might be struggling with homosexuality.” After saying he was gay, the alum says Wigger told him the matter would stay between the two of them, but 10 days later the alum was informed he was being deactivated. The second now-former frat brother says he also had a conversation with Wigger, and was told his sexuality would prevent him from staying with the frat; he could either voluntarily leave of be expelled. He chose the former.

What basis does Wigger and Beta Upsilon Chi — which faced a hazing investigation earlier this year — have for ousting gay brothers? “We believe that sex is a gift of God to be enjoyed only inside the covenant of marriage between a man and a woman,” says BYX’s Code of Conduct. “Therefore, we will not condone such activity as homosexuality, fornication, or adultery. (I Corinthians 6:15-20; Hebrew 13:4).” Except the frat is a registered religious/spiritual student organization, which means it must abide from Vanderbilt’s own anti-discrimination policy…

via Should Vanderbilt Let the Beta Upsilon Chi Frat Kick Out Gays While Remaining An Official Student Group? / Queerty.

Choose The Dorothy!


It’s perfectly fine that a private group have the opportunity to express, include or exclude those that don’t fit their affiliation.  As a former Fraternity chapter President, I get the value of having the experience and opportunity to bond with others like you.  That being said, if you want to exercise that freedom, it shouldn’t be an organization that is sanctioned by an educational institution where anti-discrimination is specifically a violation.  The Chapter should be reviewed under Vanderbilt’s rules and determine whether or not their charter should still stand with the school given their policy. 

By the way…  What Paul was referring to in Corinthians wasn’t homosexuality.  First, he was specifically calling out prostitutes, but more importantly what he meant was that you should respect your bodies and have respect for whom you have relationships with.  Bottom line, don’t sleep around.   ‘Christians’ continue to falsely twist the bible to fit an agenda justifying their own personal bias and bigotry.  I can’t help but remind these ‘Christian’ organizations that in the Beatitudes say ‘the meek shall inherit the earth’.  Those that don’t seek worldly power will be rewarded in Heaven.  Manipulating the word of God to justify your bigotry is NOT meek.  Compassion, understanding and exceptance was Christ’s model.  If you want to be a true Christian organization, start by following Jesus Christ and not bastardizing his sacrifice….  Just sayin!