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Mormon-NOM Threatening The Very Foundation Of Democracy

November 10, 2010
National Organization for Marriage

National Organization for Marriage


Iowa – When Mormon-owned National Organization For Marriage spent $1,000,000.00 to oust 3 federal judges in Iowa just because they upheld the constitution rather than go by the majority opinion, they threatened the very foundation of Democracy, see below.

I hate it when people claim the intent of “The Founders” as justification for policy matters as a rule, because it’s overly used and frequently on issues where the intent of the writers of our constitution cannot be legitimately engaged. However in this case they were very clear. Federal Judges should not be subjected to ramifications from the general public, to allow this threatens their ability to impartially judge the constitutionality of cases out of fear of repercussions.

When the Supreme Court of Iowa ruled last year in favor of legalizing gay marriage, they very clearly went against the will of the majority of Iowans. However, despite the claim that they were “activist judges,” that was precisely what they should have done. We have judges because the majority of the populace in this country are unqualified to accurately and without bias judge the law.

So by Mormon-owned NOM attacking the 3 Justices who were up for a retention vote, based on one of their hundreds of decisions, a real and dangerous threat has been placed upon our country, the possibilities and implicatio

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Well said Mr. Eric.  I couldn’t agree more!