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The Election of Nikki Haley: A Model of Historic Diversity & Republican Puppet

November 8, 2010

New SC Governor (or is it Governess) Nikki Haley


On Tuesday, November 2, I had the privilege of witnessing what will inevitably go down in South Carolina History, as a “landmark moment.” I am of course referring to the election of Nikki Haley as the first Female and Minority governor of a state that has been governed by Caucasian males, since its creation as British Colony in 1729.

However, I believe that my more illustrious colleagues in the media have either not realized, or have overlooked the importance that the governor-elect’s “historic” accomplishment lies not so much in her gender and ethnicity, but more importantly, what appears to be the consistent diversity of her supporters, since she entered the race for governor. The socio-economic, ethnic, racial, and even political makeup of Haley’s supporters is an indication that as chief executive of South Carolina, she has the very real potential to unify what is often seen as one of the most ethnically and politically polarized states in the country, in a manner, that could be used as a positive model for the rest of this country

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As a former South Carolinian, it’s fantastic to see the state branch out and not continue to elect inbred southern ‘aristocrocy’ into office, and make a choice which goes against the traditional grain. 

Too bad Miss Haley cater’s to right wing southern republican agenda items and will continue to provide lip-service to illegal immigration since South Carolina has used immigration for it’s farm work as a way to artificially force down farm worker labor rates.  Of course, the bright side is, they do pay workers these days to work on farms…